Harness Recruitment Agency

Harness Recruitment Agency is a global brand focused on providing global marketing and affiliate recruitment support services to small, medium and large scale enterprises.

We are positioned as the first Pan-African affiliate recruitment agency with integrated Cryptocurrency/blockchain Technology incentives in the recruitment process to be enjoyed by our business executives and potential prospects that use our services.

Our goal is to make every recruiting process easy and fast. We represent the reference pillar to make recruitment processes easy for companies that are listed on our clients list. With us as a trust partner, members of these companies will experience exponential growth in their recruiting process.


  • Help you Maximize the benefit that affiliate companies offer without recruiting skills.
  • Earn Cryptocurrency when you use our service.

The challenge

Recruitment and marketing are the lifeblood of any affiliate business, however, the reality is that many are not good at recruiting or sponsoring others to such programs. This is a global challenge to affiliate companies and individuals who desire to take advantage of the multi-level marketing business. Harness Recruitment agency is your trusted partner in solving this challenge.

The solution

Harness Recruitment Agency offers pre-marketing and recruitment services to companies that want to support their communities with an alternative option for those who can't recruit or sponsor.

We also offer marketing and recruitment services to individuals who can't refer but desire to be part of affiliate programs that HarnessRA supports.

With HarnessRA service, you no longer need to worry about your sponsoring and recruitment needs, all you need is to identify with companies that HarnessRA supports.

Corporate Integration

HarnessRA offers corporate integration to affiliates and affiliate companies that desire to make sponsoring easy for their customers. We have discovered, when an affiliate company makes provision in their business plan to support those who can't recruit by using our well-tailored services, the result will be an outstanding success.

Do you have an affiliate project, then, connect with us to evaluate the potential of your project for listing as one of the clients to enjoy our recruiting service.


With HarnessRA, the full benefits of affiliate marketing can be all yours even if you are not skilled in marketing or closing sales.

Join our community of happy and satisfied customers using our service to handle their recruiting challenges.

Have you been thinking about a second source of income? affiliate companies will not be a bad option if they are one of our Clients. With harness affiliate, you are guaranteed passive and residual income from companies that we provide recruitment support service as we fulfill your recruiting NEEDS.

Earn on The Go

With HarnessRA, you earn on the go in cryptocurrency ( BMToken) for subscribing and using any of our services. You can build a career with us as a business executive to ‘Earn on the Go’ in cash and cryptocurrency. We offer three unique services:

Subscribing to our recruiting service ‘we prospect for you’

  • Subscribe through our platform to companies we provide recruiting service for. ( You do your prospecting).
  • When You subscribe through HarnessRA you earn Cryptocurrency ( BMTOken).
  • Speed up your rank advancement, as we duplicate the process in your organization.
  • Use our prospecting tools to connect your prospect to our business executive that does the follow-up and close the deal.


  • We do the tedious work for you so you can enjoy full affiliate benefits.
  • With HarnessRA, You can be assured of the fast growth in your affiliate business as long as the companies are listed on HarnessRA Portal.